Oxsensis partner with new reseller in China

Mar 12, 2021

Oxsensis are proud to present their latest reseller in China, United Target Technology (UTT).  The partnering with UTT is demonstration of growing demand for Oxsensis’ sensor products.  Oxsensis look forward to supplying sensors to the China region.

UTT background:

United Target Technology Co., Ltd. (UTT) is a professional supplier of testing solutions for harsh environments, high temperature, high pressure and high vibration, especially for turbine testing and monitoring. The technology and products include Tip Timing, Tip Clearance, Dynamic Pressure, Dynamic Data Acquisition, High Speed Slip ring, Sensor Telemetry, Thermal Paints, Temperature Crystals etc.

UTT has been working within the gas turbine (aero and power) industry in China for over 16 years. UTT provides the technology consulting, product marketing & sales, and local service as well as aftersales support for their customers. Its skilled engineers are capable of providing rapid response and technical support and service locally with high customer satisfaction.

Link to UTT


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