Harsh Environments

Oxsensis is applying the principles of high temperature, non-electrical/EMI-imune, multi-measurand fibre optic instrumentation that can operate at km distances in order to address new applications for harsh environment instrumentation. As well as Aerospace, Power Generation, Oil and Gas and reciprocating engines we see applications emerging in new manufacturing processes such as microwave heating and petrochemical processing. Physical measurements of acceleration, temperature, position and speed are excellent candidates for optical instrumentation applications and Oxsensis has technology assets and solutions in all these areas. Oxsensis seeks collaboration partners to exploit these opportunities.

Sensor development platforms

Oxsensis has almost two decades’ experience is applying Fabry-Perot based optics to the measurement of pressure, temperature and vibration in hostile environments. We can there apply proven technology to new applications and look forward to hearing from you to discuss your requirements.

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