Oxsensis direct mount sensors provide better data, boosting performance of Energy Systems and reducing emissions due to their ability to operate in very high or very low temperatures and with EMI immunity. We enable fuel flexibility and thereby complement renewables systems, by making use of energy-storage fuels such as hydrogen or ammonia. Oxsensis optical instrumentation protects assets, using better data to reduce failure and damage risk. We reduce the lifecycle cost of electricity by providing supporting data to extend plant outage intervals.

Oxsensis instrumentation also operates at cryogenic temperatures and the technology provides a route for direct monitoring of liquid natural gas and liquid hydrogen Energy Systems. These applications are being developed in partnership with key players in the industry.

We offer full instrumentation systems

Oxsensis offers full instrumentation systems, across pressure ranges to cover all gas turbines. Single channel and multi-channel systems are available and we work with owners, OEMs, and Service Providers to establish and validate new engine applications. Our allied Aerospace programmes help us to extend our technology offering and bring new performance, capabilities, and further technologies to market. Our AS9100D quality management system accreditation and production facilities are in place to deliver systems for one engine, a fleet of units, or a product line.

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