Power Generation

The increasing demands made on lower emissions, fuel saving and load flexible combustion systems continue to challenge engine architectures and instrumentation systems.

Direct mount high temperature combustion stability sensors are needed, and these are being integrated into gas turbine control systems, to allow machines to reliably operate Dry Low Emissions (DLE) systems within progressively tightening standards. Oxsensis is at the heart of this, having developed mature product solutions based on non-electrical, optical, high temperature and direct mount pressure measurement systems – now in service in powergeneration gas turbines.

We offer full instrumentation systems

Oxsensis offers full instrumentation systems, across pressure ranges to cover all gas turbines. Single channel and multi-channel systems are available and we work with owners, OEMs, and Service Providers to establish and validate new engine applications. Our allied Aerospace programmes help us to extend our technology offering and bring new performance, capabilities, and further technologies to market. Our AS9100D quality management system accreditation and production facilities are in place to deliver systems for one engine, a fleet of units, or a product line.

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