Oxsensis direct mount sensors provide better data, in a space saving installation, boosting system performance, and reducing system cost and complexity. Core technology IP protected, and validated in harsh environments in turbomachinery combustion systems and airframe applications. Temperature operation well beyond electrical sensors (and also operable in cryogenic applications) , EMI immunity, non-electrical system interconnection, and ultra-small sapphire sensing element for direct mounting allows measurement where it is needed, rather than where it has to be. Application in Industrial, Energy, Aerospace, and Oil & Gas applications. Enabler for installation size reduction, EMI immunity, performance improvement, and fuel switching (eg natural gas to hydrogen). Read below for further detail on Dynamic Pressure, Static Pressure, Multi-Measurand sensing, Temperature measurement, and multi-channel interrogation systems.

Dynamic Pressure PD11 product

The PD11 optical sensing system measures dynamic pressure in harsh environments and is ideal for direct mounting for gas turbine combustion monitoring. The sensor incorporates a micro-machined sapphire sensing element packaged with a high temperature fibre-optic lead-out to form a unique passive sensor configuration, with EMI immunity and zero electrical energy in hazardous area of combustion system.

The properties of the sensor make it suitable for directly mounting on gas turbine combustors at boundary layer temperature conditions if required. The high reliability passive optical element provides a unique capability for continuous condition monitoring of gas turbine combustion dynamics – all gas turbine pressure ratios are within Oxsensis experience.

Static Pressure PS11 system

The PS11 optical sensing system measures static pressure, directly mounted on a high temperature access point – eg gas turbine casing or process plant connection, typically up to 650-1000 deg C. 0.2% Full Scale accuracy – depending on specific geometry. Avoids the need for wave guide or diaphragm protection of sensor with associated weight, space, cost, and performance impact. Performance proven in relevant environments. Configurable to client application – potential for co-development of specific product for client programmes. This capability is applicable to gas turbine control, Industrial systems, Test and Measurement applications.


Oxsensis have a suite of high speed intensity based optical interrogators and spectral units, offering single channel/ multi-channel configurations for Dynamic Pressure/ Static Pressure/ Temperature

measurement. Concurrent measurement of Static Pressure, Sensor Temperature, and Dynamic Pressure is also offered. The Oxsensis technology is configurable to match customer system requirements and can be co-developed to create a bespoke customer solution for series production of systems. Additionally, Oxsensis partner, Parker Aerospace, offers a flight interrogation system to match Oxsensis engine sensors – in a multi-channel package for aero engine integration.

The key to system optimisation for interrogation/sensor matching is to engage with Oxsensis systems experts to select the correct technology blocks for your application. Speak to us to find out more.


Oxsensis optical temperature sensing has been validated at up to 1300 deg C for temperature measurement over several thousand hours, with < 10% of the drift rate of a comparable thermocouple. This is being integrated into Industrial, Energy, and Aerospace applications. As part of an optical instrumentation system this is an attractive capability. Oxsensis can work with you to adapt this capability to suit your application.