Oxsensis produces non-electrical sensor systems that allow airframe and engine manufacturers to monitor pressure, temperature, acceleration, optical position and speed within aerospace systems.

The move to optical sensing across whole-aircraft and multiple systems, creates the opportunity for multi-channel opto-electronic interrogation to save weight, cost, and space and to directly mount sensors in locations inaccessible to some electrical systems, due to temperature or EMI electrical interference issues. 

Collaborative developments

Collaborative developments are underway for advanced aircraft avionics, landing gear, and wheel and brake systems. Oxsensis optical instrumentation systems are in commercial service in power-generation and are maturing in parallel for Airframe and Aero-Engine applications.

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Working with Parker Aerospace

Oxsensis partner Parker Aerospace has worked with us for over 5 years to offer next generation non-electrical fuel quantity indication systems silica-based optical high-accuracy pressure sensor (SOHAPSTM), and aero engine instrumentation products including Engine Pressure Monitoring (EPMTM) flight systems, airframe and engine mounted opto-electronics modules. Oxsensis, an AS9100D quality management system accredited Aerospace supply chain partner, has the delivery capability to address Aerospace supply programmes. Flight optical systems can reduce the burden of safety and improve system performance.

OXSENSIS Aerospace sensors