Application notes

High Temperature Gas Turbine Applications note

Our work on direct mount high temperature gas turbine combustion instrumentation versus a ‘stand-off’ or ‘waveguide’ installation. Enhanced sensitivity and pressure signal bandwidth due to direct mount approach.

Oxsensis Sensor Long Term Operation on Utility Scale Gas Turbine

In co-operation with a power station operator, Oxsensis installed a dynamic pressure sensor for long term testing on a 330MW gas turbine.

Using Optical Technology for Measurement of Exhaust Gas Pressure

In collaboration with the Department of Engineering Science, University of Oxford, we tested a PT1100 sensor in the exhaust of an internal combustion engine.


PT1100 Datasheet download

Download the latest specifications for the PT1100 Dynamic Pressure Sensor

Technical Papers

Fibre Optic sensors in Gas Turbines

Optical fibre sensors for long-term high temperature Gas Turbine operation.

Optical sensors within Internal Combustion Engines

Fibre optic sensors for measuring exhaust gas pressure within internal combustion engines.

Temperature sensor for extreme environments

Optical fibre temperature sensor for extreme environment operation.