Dynamic Pressure Sensor PT1100

Category: Pressure Sensor

The PD1100 optical sensing system measures dynamic pressure in harsh environments and is ideal for gas turbine combustion monitoring. The sensor incorporates a micro-machined sapphire sensing element packaged with a high temperature fibre-optic lead-out to form a unique passive sensor configuration.

The properties of the sensor make it suitable for directly mounting on gas turbine combustors. The high reliability passive optical element provides a unique capability for continuous condition monitoring of gas turbine combustion dynamics.


Sensing System

  • Optical sensing enables:
    • Extreme temperature operation up to 1000°C
    • Harsh environment operation
    • EMI immunity – start-up pyroelectric noise is nil
  • Asset protection though autonomous monitoring
  • Eliminates the need for semi-infinite tubes for monitoring gas turbine combustion dynamics – removes risk of fluid build up


  • Closer proximity to combustion events enables an:
    • Increased acoustic bandwidth capability
    • Enhanced event characterisation
  • Intrinsically safe for use in explosive atmospheres
  • No electrical systems required in ATEX zone


  • No requirement for a charge amplifier or galvanic separator
  • Small form factor digital interrogator (signal conditioner) mounted on DIN rail located with control electronics
  • Dynamic pressure measurement using Fabry-Perot optical interferometer

Product Matrix

Dynamic Pressure Sensors

Oxsensis offers various options on the standard PT1100 sensor configuration as follows:

  • Flexible conduit length: Standard length 1m, the options are 2m or 3m
  • Patch cord: Standard option is anything up to 50m in length of LXCR FC/APC Optical Fibre Cable, longer lengths can be provided on request.
  • Adaptor: Please contact us to discuss your requirements.
Here you will find the relevant data sheets for the PT1100 Dynamic Pressure Sensor.

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Fibre optic cables are used to connect the two parts of the sensor system together. It’s important that the connector are cleaned before they are joined. Here’s a short video to explain this simple cleaning procedure.

LASER SAFETY NOTE: The sensor system contains a light source that has been certified as a CLASS 1 LASER, so you should not look into the sensor when it’s switch on (green light showing on the interrogator).

Please enjoy and if you have any questions then please don’t hesitate to contact us.