Oxsensis Investors

Albion Ventures LLP

Albion Ventures LLP is a leading independent venture capital investor, managing approximately £250 million of funds across seven Venture Capital Trusts. Albion Ventures LLP is a partnership formed by the Close Ventures’ management team to acquire the business of Close Ventures Limited. 

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The Carbon Trust

The Carbon Trust is a not-for-profit company with the mission to accelerate the move to a low carbon economy. It provides specialist support to help business and the public sector cut carbon emissions, save energy and commercialise low carbon technologies.



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Frog Capital

Frog Capital is a London-based European investment firm specializing in growth capital for technology-driven businesses across the cleantech and IT & digital media sectors. With €100m under management, Frog seeks to lead or partner on investment where companies require between €2 million and €20 million of funding for expansion capital, minority purchases, management buy-outs or acquisitions. Occasionally, Frog invests in quoted companies.

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UK Innovation & Science Seed Fund

The UK Innovation & Science Seed Fund (formerly known as The Rainbow Seed Fund) is a £27.1m early-stage venture capital fund building and growing technology companies stemming from the UK’s research base.



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One of the UK’s foremost scientific establishments, STFC RAL has spun out many hi-tech start-ups through its STFC Innovations Ltd subsidiary, and through its MicroNano Technology Centre. STFC RAL is a shareholder in Oxsensis through SFTC Innovations Ltd.

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Founded in 1946,the WIKA group of companies is a worldwide leader in pressure and temperature measurement. The company also sets the standard in the measurement of level, force and flow, and in calibration technology, shipping over 50 million instruments per annum. This partnership provides a strong industrial route for the use of Oxsensis optical technology in industrial markets.






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The Institution of Mechanical Engineers’

The Institution of Mechanical Engineers’ £2mn Stephenson Fund has invested in innovative companies working in the field of mechanical engineering. Stephen Tetlow MBE, Chief Executive of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, said:  “I am really excited that through the Fund the Institution is able to support Lontra, Amalyst, Oxsensis, Tokamak Energy and Oxford Space Systems in developing exciting and innovative technologies which really are inventions likely to be useful to the world.  This is the Institution getting back to its roots.” 

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