Oxsensis is pleased to announce that, as of 27 February, it is now part of the WIKA Group.

For over 75 years, WIKA has been a renowned partner and competent specialist for any task in the field of measuring pressure, temperature, and other physical values. The reliability of its products and the readiness to face all challenges of the market have been the key factors for WIKA achieving a leading position in the global market.

Since David Gahan, Arnold Harpin, and John Drake founded the business in 2003, Oxsensis has been the leader in innovative optical instrumentation technology, bringing this to market in high value applications including Powergeneration, Aerospace, and Oil and Gas. The ability to operate non-electrically, in harsh environment applications is creating significant opportunities – allowing higher performance, higher reliability, and lower risk solutions for major customers. Oxsensis has Blue-Chip customer validated products and solutions that are now being adopted for critical systems monitoring and control.  From high temperature Powergeneration to cryogenic Aerospace applications, Oxsensis is active in game-changing instrumentation innovation.

Franz-Josef Vogel, of WIKA, said ‘Oxsensis is offering a highly attractive technology which is scalable to a wide range of industrial applications. As we acquire excellent knowhow and experienced staff our plan is to keep and develop the Harwell site as the centre of our optical sensing activities’.

Ian Macafee, CEO, said ‘This new chapter for Oxsensis is built on many years of innovation and persistence, tackling some of the hardest energy-intensive systems challenges that exist. Our technology is well placed to contribute to the Energy Transition in Powergeneration, Aerospace and to enable competitive, leading products in our new Industrial markets.

WIKA brings additional industrial and process market opportunities as well as a wealth of manufacturing, supply chain, and commercial expertise and resources to accelerate the exploitation of optical technology as it becomes a mainstream instrumentation choice.

Oxsensis looks forward to working with our customers and suppliers in this next, exciting, stage of our journey.

WIKA – Website link